Give your brain a workout with this cool math game


  • Easy to jump into
  • 33 levels
  • Pretty challenging


  • Frustratingly difficult!

Very good

Bloxorz is a game that takes a simple, original concept and turns it into a brain-bending challenge that’s sure to make you think.

Bloxorz is an online, flash-based game that asks you to take a block and manipulate with the arrow keys until you manage to drop it down a hole. It sounds easy enough, but the surface on which you play is irregularly shaped and if you accidentally fall over the edge, it’s game over.

There are a number of other things to bear in mind when playing Bloxorz, such as the fact that some switches trigger bridges and other modifications, and some surfaces are more fragile than others. All of this, however, is explained in the Bloxorz introduction that can be read any time by pressing the Menu key.

Bloxorz also uses codes to provide a form of save for the game – useful seeing as how there are 33 difficult levels. If you need to stop playing, note down the code in the top right-hand corner of the screen and enter it when prompted after hitting Load Stage.

Bloxorz is a really tricky math and strategy-based game – give it at try and you’re sure to enjoy the challenge.


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